aqua bike magic - beauty line

aqua bike magic - beauty line

trening u aqua bike magic

machine is a combination of water cycling and hydration. Accelerated burning of calories, removal of cellulite are some of the advantages of training that also provides a relaxing experience during work.

Aqua Bike

aqua bike magic beauty line

with hydrostatic resistance gives quick results. Spinning the pedals during the session relaxes and stimulates lymph flow, and the released ozone oxidizes dead skin cells. The stairs and the handrail are designed to ensure the safety of the user. The training is suitable for the elderly because it does not stress the joints.

Bike for riding in water – Aqua bike – An excellent way to burn excess fat deposits (from 800 to 1200 kcal in one training session), oxygenate the body and increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs. Hydromassage is an extremely effective way to fight cellulite.

Cycling in water is much more pleasant, fatigue is less noticeable, if the muscles are strained a lot.

Intensive hydromassage – 16 or 32 jets, stimulates lymphatic circulation, accelerates metabolism, increases training efficiency.

Exercises in the Aqua Bike help in the rehabilitation of the elderly. It also helps in recovery from injuries, fractures and circulatory disorders.