about us

about us

We founded Figura fit in 2018 with headquarters in Kruševac, Slobodana Jovanovića Street 10. We are an exclusive distributor of equipment in Serbia and the region and have equipped numerous salons.

We equip the salon with innovative devices for a unique way of shaping the body, maintaining fitness, improving general health, removing cellulite and burning fat deposits. Offer your clients exercise on top machines that, in addition to active exercise, include a lymphatic drainage massage – a type of pleasant relaxation.

The machines are very easy to use, and the treatments can be adjusted according to the needs of each individual client.

All machines are manufactured in the EU, have an ISO 9001 certificate, and are safe for the environment.

Biljana Stanković : “I was reborn :)))), I am very happy. Thanks!!!!”

  Dijana „Di“ : „Thankssss!“

Ivana Petrović : “ Great tips, you are great, I am very satisfied!“